Area: 30 million km² / 12 million sq mi

Population: 1.1 billion

Africa is the second-largest continent after Asia. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea (north), the Atlantic Ocean (west), the Indian Ocean (southeast) and both the Suez and the Red Sea along the Sinai Peninsula. Africa straddles the equator and has many climatic areas: It is the only continent to stretch from northern temperate to southern temperate zones.

  • The African continent is the world’s second most-populous continent, containing 15% of the world’s population.
  • Africa has the world’s youngest population with over 50% of its people aged 19 or younger.
  • Algeria is the continent’s largest country by area and Nigeria is the largest by population.
  • Africa, and in particular central Eastern Africa, is widely accepted as the place of origin of humans.
  • It is the hottest of the seven continents and contains the world's longest river, the Nile, and the world's 3rd largest desert, the Sahara.
  • Prior to colonial rule, Africa was comprised of approximately 10,000 different states and autonomous groups, each with their own distinct language and customs.
  • It is projected that the continent’s population will more than double by the year 2050, taking it to 2.3 billion people.
  • Africa is the world’s most underdeveloped continent with a continental GDP that accounts for only 2.4% of global GDP.
  • The highest point is Kilimanjaro at 5,895 meters.

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