North America


North America

Area: 24 million km² / 9 million sq mi

Population: 529 million

North America is a continent of enormous diversity, with vast mountain ranges, grassy plains, hot deserts and frozen ice caps. In the south lie the tropical islands of the Carribean and the rain forests of South America. To the far north, a polar ice cap 3km thick covers most of Greenland. Most North Americans live in the large cities of the east and west coasts.

  • The landmass of North America represents about 4.8% of the planet’s surface or about 16.5% of its land area.
  • Its population of nearly 529 million people represents about 7.5% of the human population.
  • The majority of the continent's landmass is dominated by Canada, the United States and Mexico with smaller states located in Central America and the Caribbean state.
  • It is the third largest continent by area and the fourth largest in terms of population.
  • Geographically the continent is located entirely within the Northern Hemisphere and almost completely within the Western Hemisphere.
  • It is bordered by three oceans and one sea; Arctic Ocean (north), Atlantic Ocean (east), Pacific Ocean (west and south) and the Caribbean Sea (southeast).
  • The first people to live in North America were Paleoindians who arrived during the last glacial period by crossing the Bering land bridge.
  • Mexico City is the largest city in North America.
  • The highest mountain in North America is Mt. McKinley in Alaska at 6,194 metres and the longest river is the Mississippi.
  • The largest country by population is the United States while Canada is the largest country by landmass.

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